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It’s a choice.

A year and a half,

18 months,

546 days,

13,104 hours,

786,240 minutes,

47,174,400 seconds,

Filled with countless adventures, kisses, and memories.

As you could probably guess, today marks one and a half years since I started dating my best friend. When I first met my boyfriend about 20 months ago, I wasn’t expecting a relationship. I was a freshman in college and for the first time in a while, I wanted to just enjoy life and make friends, focusing on myself and my grades in school. After all, they say college relationships never work out, right? I certainly wasn’t focused on finding a boyfriend. But, everything happens for a reason, right? And sometimes the best things in life are ones that you don’t expect will happen in the first place.

It’s currently 11:53 at night, I’m on Skype with that same boy I met in December, twenty months ago, as I was making cookies in the dorm kitchen with some of my friends. Have you ever met someone and felt immediately attracted to them? And I don’t mean attracted in a physical way. I mean, attracted as in something was destined to happen and that’s why they walked in that door. That’s why you happened to be making cookies at one in the morning. That’s why you weren’t in your dorm building, but instead across campus. Well this was one of those moments.

For the first time in years, I was single, flirty, and having fun enjoying whatever life threw at me. When he walked in that door, a guy I started to talk to a couple days prior had just left. What great timing. We made the cookies and he left. A few days later, I met my friend in a dining hall to get a smoothie with the other boy I was talking to. She brought along her friend, the boy we had made cookies with just a few days before. The second those two boys were in a room together was another one of those meant-to-be, destined moments. I actually ended up sending a snap chat to Squishy of the boy I was crushing on. Can you guess which one it was? Cookie boy or Smoothie boy?

If you answered Cookie boy, you guessed right! I invited them up to my dorm room and after a while, the smoothie boy left (thank goodness). And when Cookie boy left, he forgot his phone. Spoiler alert: I found out months later that he forgot it on purpose! He had left it there so that he would have an excuse to come back, and get my number. Except, instead I ended up asking him to add me on snapchat. During winter break, we snap chatted occasionally.

When we moved back to school in January, I had put in a room change request so that I would be able to room with my best friend. But it also happened to be right down the hall from Cookie boy. From there, the rest is predictable.

We hung out, pretty much every day, since we lived right down the hall. We ate meals together, did homework together, played monopoly at one in the morning, etc. All of the normal college things. This happened for about a month before we had officially started dating.

This boy has been there with me through everything since our freshman year of college. We are now going into our junior year. Of course we’ve had some bumps in the road along the way, but something magical made everything come together in the end. Every relationship has little hiccups. Every relationship has its share of good and bad times. We have not been some miraculous exception to that. However, we have chosen to try and work to get through whatever get thrown at us.

Relationships are not so much destined to be with some happily ever after. There’s no such thing as fairytales.  But there is such thing as choosing to be with each other even at the worst times. Relationships are commitments to each other. Commitments to care about each other and love each other through the good and bad times.

I think that this is the reason why Cody and I were “destined to be together”. For if I didn’t have him, I wouldn’t have had the support, motivation and love that got me through the past year and a half. And I have definitely been there for him in the times when he has needed me. It’s a choice. It’s a commitment. He has definitely come to be my best friend and my boyfriend.

And yes, it is love.

P.S. College relationships work if you want them too.

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Simple happinesses

Today’s blog though isn’t exactly specifically my relationship, but something that I have come to learn about happiness as a result of it.

I wanted to start this blog off with a little quote,

“I think we like to complicate things when it is really quite simple; find what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy and you’re set”. -Unknown

The reason I picked this quote in particular is because today I wanted to talk about happiness. Not really just happiness as a whole, but simple happiness. 

Not really sure what that means? No worries, if you don’t quite understand now I’m sure you will by the end. It’s really a “simple” concept. See what I did there?

Happy is really a pretty simple definition actually. From the dictionary,

hap·py   ˈhapē/


 1. feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

Happiness however? It’s kind of more complex, although the definition doesn’t really show its complexity.

hap·pi·ness   ˈhapēnəs/


noun: happiness; plural noun: happinesses

1. the state of being happy.

The reason I say it is more complex is because there are countless things that can make you happy. It could be your family, friends, pets, significant other and so on. The list is endless. The problem is that we don’t realize all of the things that make us happy because most of them are so simple. These simple happinesses get lost in a sea of reasons that you are unhappy. This is because people tend to focus more on the negatives in life instead of the positives. So today, I want to talk about the positive, simple happinesses you can find in your life.

What are some of these simple happinesses that I am talking about? To list some of the many my relationship has come to show me,

I have found happiness in his touch, his voice, his smile. The way he takes my hand and kisses it. How he makes the perfect cuddling partner.

I have found happiness in spending time together, no matter how short it may be. The way he comes to see me after a long day of work. How he acts when he’s super duper tired.

I have found happiness in the way I look at him and the way he looks back at me. How he squeezes me, just because he can. The way that he comes up behind me and hugs or kisses me.

I have found happiness in doing new things and exploring new places together. The way he thinks he knows where we are, when actually we are pretty lost in the woods. And how he won’t admit we’re lost.

I have found happiness in the way he holds me. The cute little things he does for me, like carry me over puddles so my shoes don’t get wet. 

I have found happiness driving around in his car singing as loud as we can. How he reminds me to take cheesy pictures, but still makes fun of how cheesy they may be.

I have found happiness in simple trips to the grocery stores, or going to a shopping mall just to look around. The way that he carefully picks out everything he buys.

I have found happiness in practically everything since I have started dating him. The way that we can enjoy anything we do simply because we love being together. 

I have found happiness in him. 

This is where the quote I started off with comes into play. Find what it is that makes you happy. For me, this would have to be all of these simple happinesses in little things that I’ve found in my relationship with him. Find who it is that makes you happy. Although obvious, for me, the one who makes me happy would be my wonderful boyfriend. When I am with him, nothing else in the world exists.

My point with this blog is not to get caught up in all the bad things happening all the time. Instead, go out and do something that makes you realize how beautiful life is. Enjoy every second that you possibly can because you surely don’t get to go back in time to do it over. Never take someone, or something, that makes you happy for granted because it could be gone in an instant.

Mostly, the things I found that made me happy were ones that you just don’t look at in the big septum of life, but you should. Every little, simple thing adds up on the list to make you realize what an amazing day you had looking back. Focus on the things that make you happy and you’ll be set.

Happy eight months to my incredible boyfriend❤️ I can’t imagine where I’d be if I never met you. Thank you for being your wonderful self and never ceasing to make me smile and laugh. 

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Couple Date Ideas: Fall Edition

Keeping a tradition alive, as well as expanding upon last seasons Couple Date Ideas: Summer Edition blog post, back again this season is the new and improved Fall Edition!

Here is an entire list of wonderful adventures and date ideas for you and your significant other during this fall season!

  1. Apple picking
  2. Leaf raking (and playing in them)
  3. Mountain hiking (for the view!)
  4. Berry picking
  5. Go to a pumpkin patch
  6. Visit a sunflower field
  7. Carve pumpkins
  8. Make halloween themed treats (yay for Pinterest)
  9. Make a berry, apple, or pumpkin pie! (fresh from the orchards!)
  10. Corn maze
  11. Hay rides
  12. Costume shopping
  13. Scary movie (on the go!)
    • I read a blog that someone did this and brought blankets and their computer outside to a “scary” place to watch a scary movie!
  14. Have a picnic
  15. Make s’mores
  16. Attend a football game
  17. Go for a drive to see the fall foliage
  18. Pop popcorn on the cob
  19. Fall festival or county fair
  20. Build a blanket fort
  21. Go star gazing
  22. Watch the sunset or sunrise, or both!
  23. Have a campfire
  24. Halloween maze
  25. Use costumes, in the bedroom *wink, wink*
  26. Go to a haunted house
  27. Make caramel or candy apples (freshly picked)
  28. Go to the same place 3 Saturday’s in a row to see the leaves change color
  29. Find a ski area with lifts running in the fall to see the foliage
  30. Make a leaf collection and dry them in books
  31. Have a fall photoshoot
  32. Movie night
  33. Halloween party (with costumes!)
  34. Game night
  35. Go shopping for a new date outfit (he picks for her, she picks for him)
  36. Go to the gym together
  37. Pinterest some crafts to make with leaves
  38. Go tailgating
  39. Attend a concert
  40. Take a walk in the park
  41. Go on a bike ride
  42. Cook a meal together
  43. Have a paint night
  44. Apple cider or coffee house date!
  45. Workout together
  46. Go for a run, outside
  47. Complete a 5k
  48. Rollerskating
  49. Bowling
  50. Try a new restaurant
  51. Take a walk on the beach
  52. Play a game of frisbee
  53. Go geocaching
  54. $1 store mini gifts
    • This was another date idea I saw, each of you enter the store with the same amount of money and put together a little gift for each other
  55. Make cookies (for friends or family, or just to eat!)
  56. Go to the zoo
  57. Go to the aquarium
  58. Find a local flea market
  59. Walk around a pet store (that has animals!)
  60. See a drive-in movie
  61. Or just a regular movie date
  62. Or dinner and a movie, there are actually theaters that have dinner tables instead of cinema seats!
  63. Harvest festival
  64. Have a costume competition (with other couples)
  65. Horseback riding
  66. Volunteer together
  67. Take dance lessons

To be added upon as I think of more ideas! 

**Cover picture is not ours**

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8 Tips for Boyfriends

Every girl is different with what they do and do not like in a relationship. Some girls are needy and some girls need their space. Some girls like receiving gifts and some girls would rather have affection.

I’m going to list some basic tips that MOST girls like!

1. Text back fast

This one is for the girls who are needy (like myself). Girls like to know that they’re a top priority. If you aren’t really doing anything, just be sure to text your girl often! I know you can’t always text back in a quick manner. Which brings me to my next tip.

2. Let her know when you’re busy

This is one thing that really irks me. Don’t just drop from the face of the earth randomly. Let your girl know when you won’t be able to talk! Most girls appreciate this a lot. I know I do.

3. Buy her flowers

I loooove receiving flowers. I always think of my boyfriend whenever I look at them. They’re so pretty and smell really good. I love that it’s an old fashioned gesture that’s still around today. It’s so simple but thoughtful.

4. We enjoy the simplest of things

We don’t always need extravagant dates or gifts. Pack a lunch and take her on a picnic, dress like bums, get some snacks and binge watch Netflix all day, take her to the drive-in theater, etc. It really doesn’t take much to make us happy (at least it shouldn’t).

5. Take her on a surprise date

A fancy date is good every once in a while too! Tell your girl to put on her nicest dress and look all dolled up but don’t tell her what you’re going to do. Take her to a fancy restaurant and treat her like the queen she is. Now, surprise dates don’t have to be fancy or expensive. They can be anything you want them to be!

6. Send long paragraphs via text

I love receiving long paragraphs from my boyfriend that tell me how much I mean to him. It can make my bad day good and my good day great. It just lets me know that he is thinking of me. This goes to girlfriends too! Send your man a long paragraph!

7. Send a love letter

People don’t do this that often nowadays. But I think writing a love letter means so much. You’re taking the time out of your day to sit down and hand write your love. It’s just really sweet.

8. Listen to her

I know us girls sometimes just ramble on. But do you know how many points you gain when your girl is talking to you about something and then you later mention something about what she said? A lot. You are her best friend and she just wants to tell you everything. Try to be interested in what she’s saying.

So girls, show this to your boyfriends if you feel he is slacking in some of these areas! Every girl deserves to be treated like a queen.

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Head over heels

As you guys have read about before (last month), my boyfriend and I have been dating for six months (today!). I wrote a blog last month about our relationship and our viewers seemed to love it, so I decided I’m now going to do monthly anniversary posts about relationships, specifically mine.

Two weekends ago, my boyfriend and I spent the day at an amusement park. The day started with myself getting home from work at twelve-thirty, in the morning. C was picking me up that same morning at seven thirty. With that being said, I woke up at six-thirty, only getting about five hours of sleep, to get ready and pack for the day. I showered, got dressed, packed a change of clothes, bathing suit and loaded up a cooler with snacks and drinks. I was all packed up and ready only to find out he meant to say he was going to be leaving his house at seven-thirty, which meant he was not getting to my house until around eight-thirty. Regardless of the extra hour I could have slept, I waited for him to get to my house. I was excited for the day but also nervous. If you guys don’t know already, I am not a huge fan of rollercoasters or rides that go upside down or anything of that sort. My favorite type of amusement park rides are the spinning ones.

Exactly on time, C pulled into my driveway, we packed up all of my things into his car and set off. He drove us all the way back to his house, only to find out that his family wasn’t ready yet. For an hour, we just hung around his house. We found a lost dog on his street, found the owner and got him back home safely. We cuddled up in his bedroom for a short time. We played with his dog and younger siblings. Finally, everyone was packed and ready. C and I got into his car, his family got into theirs and we were off, at last.

The drive to the amusement park was two and a half hours long. Which means that for two hours, driving through two other states, C and I got to talk and sing to the songs that came on the radio. You’d think that you’d kind of run out of things to talk about or have some type of awkward silence after a while. But with us, that never really happens. I was kind of nervous for this car ride because typically during long rides I tend to get a little car sick after a while. Fortunately, that day wasn’t the day.

After a two hour ride, we pulled into the amusement park parking lot. We made sure that we had everything we needed and walked inside. The first ride we went on were the swings. Next, a smaller wooden roller coaster. Roller coasters aren’t my cup of tea, but C loves them. I wanted to make him happy and proud by going on some of the rides that didn’t scare me so much. This little wooden ride was awful. It made me realize why I don’t love roller coasters again. Wayyyy too bumpy. I decided to give the bigger wooden roller coaster a shot. My god, you should have seen my face on the picture it takes. Pure terror. We followed the roller coaster up with a spinning ride. Which for the first time ever, made me feel sick to my stomach, probably because we sat in a seat that only went backwards. Or maybe it was dehydration in the ninety degree weather. Or because I was hungry. Needless to say, after that we needed a break and definitely needed to cool down from the heat.

We gathered our bathing suits, towels, flip-flops, applied sunscreen and made our way to the water slide part of the amusement park. This place was beyond crowded. All we wanted was a quick dip in the pool, but everything had lines that were never ending. After talking, we decided the lazy river was the best choice. We waited in line, floated around once when they made us get out. But we snuck our way past the lifeguards without them noticing. I made the choice to face my fear of waterslides and tackle it with him. I actually really enjoyed it at the end. After that, we adventured our way into the kiddie pool, with a little spot where all the adults were cooling down. We sat here talking for a while until our entire bodies were waterlogged. We then made our way to get our things. But got caught up in how warm the lake water was. We passed more time in the lake, just talking again. I think that this time at the water park was my favorite part of the day.

After that is when the trip got a little complicated. As I said before, I am terrified of roller coasters and upside down rides. But my boyfriend absolutely loves them. He really wanted me to go with him on the scary rides, but I couldn’t bring myself to do them. Not going on the rides ended up making C really upset, and slightly mad. Only because he just wants me to try the things I’ve never done before I decide that I don’t like them. Someday I hope that I’ll finally face my fears of roller coasters, but this day was not the day. Baby steps. While he went on the scary rides, I got to spend some time talking with his mother, little sister and little brother. I also finally had something to eat.

We ended off the day at the amusement park (well now it was night time) with a ride on the ferris wheel. We took a cheesy ferris wheel kissing picture. Bought some fried dough and fried oreos (we definitely should’ve just picked one to the other) and headed out the the parking lot for another two hour ride home. Again, the ride wasn’t awkward at any point, we talked, we laughed, we sang and danced to the radio. He started to get really tired and almost dozed off wile driving. It was then when I decided I wasn’t going to let him drive back home to his house, he was sleeping over.

We finally arrived safe and sound at my house. He got out of the car and laid on the grass. Literally that was how tired he was. I had to go over and walk him into the house as if he was drunk. He claims to not remember anything after this. However, these are the moments I wanted to talk about in this blog the most.

I walked  him inside, made the bed he was sleeping in, tucked him into the blankets and kissed him goodnight. Of course, he asked me to stay and cuddle but I knew that I couldn’t. I went into my room and changed into my pajamas. I ended up going back into the guest room where he was to attempt to plug in his phone. Instead he ended up convincing me to stay and cuddle for a while, so I did. There we were cuddled up in bed, with a cozy blanket, kissing each other delicately.

And in this moment, I realized that I am head over heels in love with him. In this moment, I saw how I want to spend the rest of my life. With him. 

After a few minutes, I made my way back to my room. I sat there thinking how thankful and lucky I am to have him. I thought about how wonderful of a boyfriend he is to me. I thought about the possibility of a future with him. After thinking about all these things, I started to cry, tears of happiness of course.

Because that is when it all hit me.

In this moment, I realized that I am head over heels in love with him. 

In this moment, I saw how I want to spend the rest of my life.

With him. 

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Maybe He Could Be The One

I have been dating my boyfriend, we will call him C, for five months (today). The past five months have no doubt been filled with many adventures, cuddle sessions, cheesy (but adorable) pictures and of course, plenty of smiles and laughs. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called 15 Traits I Wanted in a Boyfriend after I came to the realization that my boyfriend had been everything I was waiting and looking for.

About a week ago I was talking to my brother about C when he asked me “So, is he The One? My response being “Maybe” (hence the title of this blog today). Since my brother said this I’ve found myself wondering could he actually be The One? Since we have only been together for five months, I really hadn’t thought too far into the future until now and didn’t want to rush our relationship, and I still don’t. I always had a gut feeling that this relationship was something different, in a good way of course.

Talking to my best friend, O, who writes on this blog with me, this past week I have come to realize that it is absolutely possible that C could be The One, not to scare him. I know that we’ve only been together for a short time but there are just some things that honestly make me think we could end up being together for a lot longer. Not to jinx our relationship, I just want to express how I’m feeling about him and just all around our relationship that makes me think that maybe, he could be The One. 

To start off, C and I have pretty similar life styles. Growing up we both went camping with our families and still do today. I’m not exactly as adventurous and daring as he is, however, that’s precisely what I need in a significant other. Someone who encourages me to try new things, face my fears and tackle my bucket list with. I find it pretty funny that despite living about thirty five minutes away from each other our entire lives, he and his sister have been driving past my house for years heading to his sister’s cheerleading practice. It’s such a small world. Of course, I never would have met him had we not attended the same college and lived in the same building our freshman year.

Another similarity is simply put, he doesn’t have everything. His parents don’t pay for everything and anything and he’s definitely not spoiled. He didn’t grow up in a perfectly decorated cookie cutter home, neither did I. He shares a room with his younger brother, I once shared a room with my mom and sister. He has to sort of manage his own money and save it as I do. We both have our priorities set when it comes to spending money. I love that we don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy date to enjoy being with each other. Everyone has heard of the classic expression that “Actions speak louder than words” and our relationship is proof of this. We don’t need to be constantly texting or talking all day every day. We both have jobs and know that some days we aren’t able to talk much. But don’t worry because his actions when we are together mean more to me than any combination of words he could text me. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Material objects don’t make you fall in love with someone.

To go along with his home life, family is important to him. I have a very, very, very large, overbearing, loud family but my crazy family is everything to me. I just believe that it is one of the most important factors in a relationship and you and your partner have the same values. We both value having a family that we are close with and spend time with. C has three younger siblings and if I were them I would look up to him as one of my role models for sure as I do my older siblings. He helps out one of his sisters by volunteering to help her raise money for cheerleading. He helps clean his brothers gymnastic gym so they can afford to pay for his lessons. And not to mention, the way he treats his little sister is just the cutest to watch. Everyone knows that a guy who is good with kids melts a girls heart. If he does so much for his siblings now you can’t help but picture how someday he would treat his own little family.

All around C is such a compassionate person. From the very beginning of our relationship he already knew how to tell when something was bothering me. He is supportive and genuinely cares about how I feel. He never lets me get away with just saying nothing when something is wrong. He’s intelligent, ambitious, dedicated. He has goals in life. He’s funny. He makes me smile and laugh everyday. There isn’t a single boring moment with him from singing and dancing in the car to exploring some new place we haven’t been. There hasn’t been a single day where he hasn’t made my day since we started dating. We go on really simple dates and we still manage to have fun together. I can never get enough time with him and dread the moment he has to go back home. I could go on and on about how wonderful he is both as a person, big brother, friend and a boyfriend. I wouldn’t mind one bit spending more than a few years or possibly a lifetime with him.

How could I not see myself with him or wonder if  maybe he could be the one when I start to think about everything I’ve come to love about him over the past five months. I don’t think that there’s anyone else who knows more about me than him. He knows about my past, present, and what I want in the future. I’ve never been so comfortable and open with a person in such a short span of time as I am with him. He has come to learn about all the little quirks about me. He knows all of my secrets and embarrassing stories. Some how he manages to put up with my crazy antics and still like, even love, me. People say to marry your best friend and as cheesy as it is, he is my best friend.


Maybe He Could Be The One…


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Where love is heading in the next five years

Falling in love has been a goal of people from all generations. My grandmother wanted to fall in love someday. My mother wanted to fall in love someday. My sister wanted to fall in love someday. I myself want to fall in love someday. And this isn’t just a trait passed down in women. The men of my family all wanted to fall in love someday too.

Love for my grandparents was simple. They met in high school. They got married at a young age. And here they are fifty years later, still together and as happy as they ever were. High school sweethearts as the saying goes.

Even for my parents, finding love was different, as they are both currently single. As a child who has parents who are not together, growing up with two different homes was difficult for me. Eventually I had gotten used to it, but even today it’s hard moving back and forth.

For my sister, she fell in love more than once. She dated a man for four years. She moved to a different state for him. She changed her job. Only to find out that he was unfaithful to her. Of course, this poor excuse of a man led my sister to find the love of her life, who she married and started a family with.

My question is, what is love going to be like for my generation?

High school relationships barely ever lead to being high school sweethearts after years of college. College relationships are a one night stand. Instead of going on dates and enjoying being with each other, people in my generation are being raped at college parties. There are relationships out there that both people have fallen in love with each other. But why are they so difficult to find? Will my generation even be able to find love? Will they be happily with the same person in fifty years? Will the relationship even last twenty? Will they get divorced? Will they cheat on each other? Will they lie to each other? What will happen to the relationships?

Why do all these negative questions come to mind when talking about love?

Love in our generation has changed. And it has not been for the better. A relationship in which both people fall in love with each other in is remarkably special. I hope that my generation is able to someday figure out how love works, but with the way it’s going right now, it’s a coin toss. There are wonderful, successful and happy relationships. There are relationships that are unhealthy, emotional and stressful. As a generation, we are going to have to recognize the relationships that are something real and the ones that are just talk.

How can we change love today?

That’s a good question, that I don’t have exact answers for. With my experience, I’ve seen very strong, long-term relationships crumble in minutes. I’ve seen relationships that seem to never end, even though they broke up last week. With our generation, I think that the issue lies in how we are defining love. Love is not a one night stand. Love is not someone who breaks your heart over and over. Love is not cheating. Love is not lying. Love is not just physical.

From the dictionary,


noun \ˈləv\

Simple Definition of love

  • : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person

  • : attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship

  • : a person you love in a romantic way

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary
Personally, I believe that even the dictionary definition of love is incorrect. Love is so much more than a “strong or constant affection” or “attraction” and “sexual desire”. You don’t love someone in a “romantic way”. You love someone in your own way and the love that you find is going to be different than the love that anyone else finds. Love varies from couple to couple.
Here is a definition I found more accurate,

This is a post that I saw on twitter recently, which somewhat inspired this blog topic (along with a topic generator that gave me the title). Originally I thought, well isn’t a feeling?  Isn’t it a feeling between two people? A feeling that you want to spend a lifetime together? Then I thought, but it’s also a choice, isn’t it? A choice to be with that person instead of choosing to be with somebody different? I couldn’t make up my mind of which I thought it was until I read the rest. The more I thought about it, the more I understood. Love is a choice.

Love is not just going to walk into you on the sidewalk someday on your way to work. Love is something that you and your partner are going to mutually choose. You’ll make the choice to be with that person for a lifetime. You’ll make the choice to work out arguments and overcome the bumps in the road. That is what love is, choosing to be together even through the worst times, as they say “In good times and bad”.

I just hope that my generation has the same kind of response I have had after reading this.

Make the choice to fall in love someday.

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Couple Date Ideas: Summer Edition

With the weather heating up, you’re probably trying to come up with some great date ideas for the summer months. Well, here is a list of seventy ideas that will hopefully help you to figure out what you and your significant other should do today, tomorrow or anytime this summer!

  1. Go kayaking. Side note- if there is an L.L. Bean near you some locations do group trips to local lakes!
  2. Drive-in movie theater, yes they still exist!
  3. Explore the local city nearby you for a day. For example, a major city like Boston
  4. Go to the beach or multiple beaches to find your favorite!
  5. Travel to some historic museums in the area whether they be art museums, science museums, history museums or all of the above!
  6. Explore the local nature. I’ve been really into hiking trails recently.
  7. Find a Groupon deal. Groupon offers such great discounts. Even going to the website can give you ideas for a date!
  8. Attend a concert, ah, the common activity of the summer.
  9. If you are of age, wine tasting is a perfect for a summer day.
  10. Go to the aquarium, animals are always cute and never a bad idea to take cute pictures of.
  11. Build a fort out of chairs and blankets.
  12. Go to the zoo, again you can never go wrong with cute animals.
  13. If you are near any form of water, a local one night or sunset cruise.
  14. Have a picnic.
  15. Check out some yard sales in your area on the weekends.
  16. Go boating on a nice summer day!
  17. Berries are a summer fruit which means berry picking is another great idea.
  18. Summer is the season where the weekends are filled with state fairs, find one near you!
  19. Food festivals are also pretty common in the summer months.
  20. Go to a carnival, ferris wheel included.
  21. Have a campfire complete with s’mores.
  22. Watch the sunset.
  23. Maybe even stay up all night to watch the sun rise too.
  24. Take archery lessons.
  25. Go on a tour of your city.
  26. Have a water balloon fight.
  27. Mini Golf-there are so many mini golf places around, especially in the summer.
  28. Play paint twister.
  29. Have a paint war (wear white!)
  30. Check out a music festival (the free ones).
  31. Get ice cream on a warm day.
  32. Similar to the state fair, you could also go to a street fair.
  33. Go fishing at a local pond, lake or ocean.
  34. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  35. Go sailing or parasailing.
  36. Participate in running (or walking) a 5K together. If you have time you can even train together over the course of the time before the race takes place
  37. Find a roller skating rink near by!
  38. Fly a kite in the park or beach.
  39. Attend a sports game in most places this is either baseball or soccer at this time of the year.
  40. Go to a water park. 
  41. Get an adrenaline rush at an amusement park!
  42. Rock climbing, indoor or outdoor.
  43. Go camping, or simply pitch a tent in the backyard!
  44. Walk the pier of a beach.
  45. Go to the gym together.
  46. Attend an open mic night or karaoke bar.
  47. Volunteer at your local animal shelter or favorite nonprofit organization.
  48. Stargaze, make sure you find some of the constellations!
  49. Road trip into a different state.
  50. Go bowling.
  51. Explore the flea market.
  52. Go to a paint night together.
  53. Take your dog on a walk to the dog park
  54. Let out your inner child at a playground!
  55. Take a dance lesson class.
  56. Paint ceramics together.
  57. Take a ferry ride to an island.
  58. Binge watch a Netflix TV series on the rainy days or nights.
  59. Rooftop view of the city.
  60. Challenge each other to a Nerf gun war. 
  61. Make dinner together, pizza night? Don’t forget fun toppings!
  62. Go out to dinner at a nice restaurant.
  63. Watch fireworks at a carnival.
  64. Rent segways and explore.
  65. Catch fireflies in a jar.
  66. Run through a sprinkler like a kid together.
  67. Play games at the arcade.
  68. Take a train to a place just outside your city.
  69. Take artsy pictures throughout the day in different locations.
  70. Have a board game night.

Make sure you take plenty of pictures of everything you do this summer on your Date Bucket List! Remember, you only live today once and those photographs will hold all of your memories! I hope that this list helped you think of some ideas!

Comment some of the date ideas you have for this summer!

Life's Milestones · Relationships

6 Things My Ex Taught Me

We all have that one ex who we totally regret going out with. I definitely do. But thinking about it, I realized that it taught me a few things. Here’s what they are.

1. To love myself

I’ve definitely began to love myself more. I’ve never had an issue with low self esteem. But after the break-up, I became more self aware of how beautiful and great I am. I wasn’t going to let some boy tear my down. I don’t need him in order for me to feel good about myself.  I’m not trying to sound arrogant, but I think it’s important to love yourself! I’ve never felt more attractive and fierce than I do now.

2. What I want in my future husband

My ex had some good qualities but also a lot of bad qualities. When I start being interested in a guy, I look for the bad qualities that my ex had. Now, I know nobody is perfect. I just don’t want someone like my ex. He taught me I deserve better and to never settle for less.

3. To never let any guy talk me into anything I’m not comfortable with

My ex was very manipulative. I had my set of limitations and he would always beg and find a way to get what he wants. So I learned to never give in and stand my ground. If he’s a good man, he will respect you and won’t try and make you do anything.

4. To be more independent

We were long distance so I traveled a lot by myself. Flew all over the place by myself (including Alaska) and drove to South Carolina by myself. So I guess that’s one good thing about being with him. But I’m also talking about not being dependent on him. This goes back to the first point. I don’t need to depend on a boy to be happy.

5. To trust my gut instinct 

There were a lot of times in the relationship where I had this certain feeling or thought that he did something he shouldn’t have. I would always be like “no, he wouldn’t do that” and then I eventually find out I was right. So now, when I’m with a guy, I know to trust my feelings and confront him. You just never know!

6. To love others more

I had so much love for my ex at one point. So what was I going to do with all that love after the break up? Give it to my friends and family! I’ve never loved or appreciated them so much before. I’m grateful everyday for each of them. My family is amazing. My friends are the best. They all show how much they love me everyday. I don’t mind being single when I have them. But I do look forward to meeting the man I’m supposed to marry.


15 Traits I Wanted in a Boyfriend


One night recently, I was having a conversation with my boyfriend and suddenly had the urge to tell him that he was everything I had wanted in a boyfriend. I had an idea of what was on the list of traits that I had wanted in a boyfriend for a couple of years prior, but when I met him I didn’t quite realize he was everything on my list until this day. I decided to write out an official list of traits I wanted in a boyfriend. He just so happens to perfectly fit within my list, so I think I’m going to keep him for a while.

After having a rough last relationship, I realized all the traits that my ex didn’t have that I wanted in a boyfriend. I didn’t necessarily go around analyzing guys to find the perfect fit to my list however. It kinda just felt right in the moment when I met my boyfriend now. (P.s. he agrees).

Anyways, lists like this can get out of control pretty easily most of the time with traits that just tend to set the bars way too high for any potential boyfriend, which ends up with us women feeling as though we lowered our standards or compromised for a guy.

 However, here is a list of traits that I put together that I wanted in a boyfriend that I don’t think anyone should compromise for.

  1. Find someone who makes you laugh. A sense of humor is so important in a relationship especially when you need a pick me up after a bad day.
  2. Find someone who also laughs with you. Having this mutual sense of humor will definitely help to make both of you spend the entire day laughing with each other.
  3. Find someone who wants to be successful in life. Having the drive to achieve and be successful is such a sexy trait, never mind finding a man who has ambition to plan ahead of time.
  4. Find someone who is passionate. Everybody is passionate about something. For this, it’s just wonderful to find a man who is passionate about you and willing to put in the effort to be with you or plan a creative romantic date. (Maybe I should write a blog with date ideas for the men!)
  5. Find someone who you can talk to all day, everyday without losing interest in the conversation. Being able to hold down a conversation for hours is something that you should look for because it shows the connection between your partner and yourself.
  6. Find someone who shares similar interests, lifestyles and personalities. After all, it’s harder to get along with someone you share nothing in common with.
  7. Although this is somewhat a given in any relationship, find someone trustworthy, honest and committed for a long-term relationship. I made sure to stress the importance of these with my boyfriend because my previous relationship didn’t have this quality.
  8. Find someone who is intelligent. By this, I mean somebody that you can have a debate with or have an in-depth, serious conversation with at times when it’s needed.
  9. Find someone who is caring and respectful. Pretty simple, but you want to find someone who understand you and knows when something is wrong even after you say “it’s fine”. We all know it’s not fine. You also want somebody who is going to treat you right.
  10. Find someone that you can tell anything to. This somewhat goes with the trustworthy, however, it’s important that you are able to confide in him with anything that you may have a problem with or need advice on or simply just need to talk to about something.
  11. Find someone who enjoys spending time with you and is always ready for an adventure. I like to add even if it’s something simple such as cuddling or watching Netflix together. My boyfriend and I are great at being lazy together.
  12. Find someone who is more than a physical attraction. Looks may catch your eye, but personality definitely can make or break a person.
  13. Find someone who is family-orientated. I have a huge family that I am very close with and I would like my boyfriend to share in the same family values as me. Being good with kids is another quality that falls into this.
  14. Find someone who supports you and your decisions. Someone who listens to your problems and helps you solve them or someone who supports you on a decision when no one else does is hard to come by but you definitely want to find a guy who is there for you no matter what.
  15. Find someone who can deal with all your ridiculousness. I thank my boyfriend all the time for dealing with me. I’m needy, I force him to take cheesy pictures and I tickle him all the time.

Bottom line, find someone who still loves you even though you annoy him constantly. 

Leave any of your traits you want in a boyfriend in the comments!

Special shout out to my boyfriend for being everything I could ask for ❤️

*Inserts one of the cheesy pictures I forced him to take as the feature image*