100 Things

100 things… I’ll never do (again)

OK I’m going to be straight forward with this because there aren’t that many things that I’ve done in my life that I regret doing. I haven’t had those rebellious teenage years. I don’t really like taking risks or trying new things. So, coming up with 100 things that I won’t do again, that I’ve already done, is going to be super tricky for me!

Let’s try it anyways??

  1. Take someone back who doesn’t deserve it
  2. Continue a friendship with someone who I don’t consider a friend
  3. Go swimming with dolphins—It’s incredible but there are many captivities that aren’t treating animals properly and it’s sad to pay for the adventure and support the company.
  4. Be the only one to text first
  5. Order a salad with “grasshopper dressing— It’s not just a fancy name, there were actual grasshoppers!!!
  6. Let someone else hold me back from things that I want to achieve
  7. Fight for someone who isn’t worth it
  8. Say “I love you” to someone who doesn’t prove they feel the same
  9. Seek out of the my parents house— Lame, I know, but I got in so much trouble that once!
  10. Be in a toxic friendship or relationship
  11. Be in a long distance relationship— Maybe it’s great for some people, but not me!
  12. Walk alone at night (across campus)— Safety in numbers!
  13. Drink Burnett’s brand vodka— I can still feel my throat burning
  14. Use a regular hot glue gun— “Cool shots” are the way to go! No more burns!
  15. Forget to shake up the ketchup container before using it— Probably will forget but I don’t want to
  16. Get into someone’s car that I don’t know— That could have been bad
  17. Sell myself short— ALWAYS believe in yourself!!
  18. Gain the freshman fifteen— It’s a real thing, and I don’t want it again
  19. Send nudes to someone I haven’t met— Also could have ended poorly
  20. Procrastinate on assignments— Just kidding, I will definitely do this but aim high right?
  21. Take an 8 am class— Just don’t, you can’t
  22. Sit through an all day time share pitch— They seriously trap you there!
  23. Eat eggs— Since I got chickens and saw how dirty and smelly chickens are I can’t bring myself to eat eggs, unless its in cake or baked things.
  24. Let someone take my “no” for a “yes” or “stop” as a “go”
  25. Let the baby in reach of my phone, computer, tablet, etc— Bad idea, they like to throw things.

I think 25 will do for now. Maybe someday this list will reach 100 things. Who knows?


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