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10 Signs You Are Going to be a Teacher

1. Unhealthy obsessions with office supplies.


2. You color code everything.

3. You’ve fallen in love with working with children

4. You have Pinterest boards with crafts, lessons, boards, how to decorate a classroom, etc

5. You are considered to be the “mom” friend of the group.


6. You like to be in control and be a leader when in a group of people.

7. You’ve thought about the name your future student would call you… Miss? Mrs? Mr? When you get married will you keep your name?

8. When you go out clothes shopping, you are automatically drawn to purchase “teacher clothes”

9. Unhealthy obsession with crafts and decorating

10. Somewhere, somehow, you can’t imagine doing anything else besides wrangle 20-30 children for eight hours a day.


One thought on “10 Signs You Are Going to be a Teacher

  1. I love this post!!!! I love crafts and stationary, I also love teacher clothes and even I’ve thought of being a teacher but idk, it’s too much work and students are really complicated sometimes hehe 😛
    Great post, again!!!! 😀


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